Follow these steps to get an Investors Visa in Dubai

If you’re in UAE Trade free zone, you can get partner or investor visa. This Visa will let you stay in UAE for three years and can be renewed each time until the business is running. If you stay outside UAE for longer than 6 months, this visa will automatically expire.

We at Khidmaty provide you with Investor visa service and help you get the visa in no time. We have mentioned some steps that are involved in getting investor’s visa. Check below:

First and foremost, you need to have a Free Zone trade license. Only then can you get your employment status. Things that you need for applying are:

  • Trade license
  • Application form for visa
  • 4 passport pictures
  • Visa application fee
  • Valid passport copy

In case you’re present in the UAE, a copy of the entry stamp or other valid UAE visa

Then comes the process. After you provide the above-mentioned documents, your file is opened in the immigration department. The visa is processed and you get a pink slip. This slip lets you enter the UAE on Employment visa. After you enter, you can go ahead with medical test and fingerprint. To stamp the visa on the passport, either you need to enter the UAE or exit to the neighboring countries such as Oman etc. and then enter. You can also get the visa stamped within UAE by paying a certain amount of fee.

If you’re outside UAE, your documents are sent to you and only then can you enter with your pink slip. Remember that once your passport is stamped with an entry stamp from the temporary employment visa, you get 60 days to arrange the medical test and fingerprinting.

If you want to apply for Investor’s visa, we at Khidmaty Government service can help you with the complete process. Email us on for more details.