Free Services for People with Special Needs and Elderly at Khidmaty

Khidmaty government Service Management LLC is a wholly Emirati owned company and was established in 2015. We are providing best practice government smart service solutions tailored to meet your demands.

At Khidmaty, we provide all kinds of government services such as Emirates ID services, Dubai Economic Development related, Dubai Courts, Dubai Municipality, and much more. Many people from all over Dubai requires these services on the daily basis and the customers are being helped at our best.

When it comes to elderly people and those who’ve special needs, we give them all these services at priority and free of cost. Yes, we consider their requirements and give them the best of what’s possible. What’s better than providing free services to people with special needs? They need special treatment and we care about that.

Are you an elderly person or someone with special needs? Come to us and our customer care will provide you with all kinds of government services for free. For more information, call us on +971 (04) 2505554