Tips to Setup a Business in Dubai

Are you planning to start a business in Dubai? Do you have a great business idea to implement but are hesitant to go through all the procedures? We at Khidmaty can help you with that. Here are some tips that can help you if you’re planning to open a business in Dubai. Read below.

1. Analyze the Activity

What is your business about? What are you planning to take ahead? Make a plan, come up with a great business idea and go ahead. Make a profile, give it a name and you are done. The next step is to reserve the trade name and take the initial approval. The licensing authority will issue your license and you’ll have to pay a certain amount of fee in order to establish your company. These processes can all be performed by Khidmaty for you.

2. Initial Approval

You can an initial approval through certain steps i.e. you need to complete the registration and licensing E-form, your passport, ID, and naturalization copies are taken for review, and NOC (Nonobjection letter) from the local sponsor is taken if the company you’re going for is LLC. Later, Dubai chamber approves with another NOC for opening an office in Dubai.

3. Reservation of Trade Name

The trade name is reserved through DED (Department of Economic Development). The license certificate is then issued after you complete the following papers

  • Trade license certificate for trade and industrial licenses
  • Dubai chamber certificate for trade licenses and licenses registered in the chamber

There is a certain amount of fee that you need to pay in order to complete this process.

4. Issuing License

You’ll only get the complete license if you attach the initial approval slip along with all documents submitted previously, a photocopy of the office tenancy contract, if it’s a civil works company, then a civil work company contract duly notarized by the notary public in the emirate of Dubai

We hope that this article is helpful enough to know all the steps that are taken for setting up a business in Dubai. At Khidmaty, we help you with these steps and take all the work to give you the final product. Get in touch through our contact info here