Opening Business in Free zone Dubai

Opening a great business in a developed place is a dream of many and in Dubai, many of you even plan to go ahead with it. We provide services related to this field at Khidmaty hence thought to give you some tips on how you can manage to open a business in Free zone in a few simple steps. Check below.

  • If you’re planning to have a free zone license, you don’t need a sponsor hence, you completely own the company. What you need to do is get a complete information on all kinds of free zones existing in Dubai to decide which one would suit you the best. Note that if your business is related to government, you cannot get a free zone license.
  • Select a location (office) which is suitable for you and your business. It must be profitable to your business since your income will depend on it. Conclude a tenancy contract and that’s it. If you need a small startup, you can always check with your free zone license provider for options.
  • Take all necessary measures for visa availability and sponsorships. The number of visas as per the business may vary so you must know every detail about it.
  • Get help from the registration agent because they are professionals and won’t miss any step. They’ll help you in every legal step as well as whatever requirements come along and save you from hassle
  • Always have a look at the office size before opening and registering the business.
  • Conduct a complete study before jumping into conclusions. Rules change hence you need to be updated at all times
  • Have a detailed look at the bank charges before opening a business account since there are hidden charges that you might not know of and regret it later.

We hope that these tips will help you in making a great decision for yourself.

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