How to get Free zone License in Dubai

First of all, you need to have an understanding about Free zone license types in Dubai. There are four types of licenses in Free Zone.

1. Trade License: Related to Import and Export and can incorporate outside the UAE. 100% foreign ownership and no license requirement from the DED.

2. Industrial License: Working in industrial production outside the UAE and are within the Free Trade Zone. 100% foreign ownership and no license are required from the DED.

3. Service License: For a valid license from the respective government body in the UAE. Services such as banking, contracting, etc. can be offered but they must follow all the requirements of the governing body.

4. National Industrial License: For Industrial manufacturers. Provided with the same status as a local or GCC Company in the UAE.

These licenses are renewed on annual basis. One good thing about holding a free zone license in Dubai is that you get to have 100% ownership of the business. Those companies that have a trade license or industrial license can only operate a business within the Free Zone or abroad. In order to sell any products in the UAE, they must have an official UAE agent. In case, if he wants to obtain any service or buy any product from and within the UAE, he can do that individually.

There are several steps involved in getting a free zone license in Dubai based on which license is required i.e. DWC, DMCC, Jabel Ali, and Dubai Airports.

The basic requirements are:

  • Proposed Company Names
  • Passport Copy of the Share Holder /Share Holders
  • Short Business Plan/Portfolio
  • Contact Info (Tel, Fax, Email, P.O. Box) of Share Holders

There’s a certain amount of fee to be submitted and you can get your working license. If followed all steps, you’re good to go. At Khidmaty, we help you with all the procedures and documentation and provide you with efficient services. Contact us on for more information.