About Khidmaty

Established in Dubai in 2015, Khidmaty government Service Management LLC is a wholly Emirati owned company.  With extensive expertise in local, regional, and international government, we provide best practice government smart service solutions tailored to meet your customer demands.

We are a pioneering enterprise in the region to offer the smart government services all across the UAE for corporate and private sectors. We are working in unity and alliance with all the departments and sectors that are under the government authority such as labor, court, immigration, etc.  We also help you with the visa services and residence processes. In the era of smart government, we are trying our best to meet the demands of all the clients who are seeking help and hence making it easier for them to reach us directly through this mobile application.

We will work with you to ensure your legal organization is competitively positioned within today’s evolving marketplace.  Our multi-disciplinary teams of customer advisor and legal advisor are always happy to assist.

What We Provide:
If you are looking for a solid regional partner to support your healthcare business, work on your visa issues, help you with ministries and court cases, and talk to us about how we can tailor our services to meet your needs. We offer exceptional smart services according to your demands. We can also provide the New Business Management solution expertise to ensure that these strategies are sensibly implemented with long-lasting benefits for our clients and your customer.

Vision and mission

Our Vision

We aim to be one of the leading Government smart service solutions in the Middle East. Respected, dependable and trusted, we pride ourselves in delivering what we guarantee to our business partners, stakeholders, employees and the community.

Our Mission

We are a government Document Clearing Company offering smart government services and are just a click away. We are committed to positively impacting on quality of service by developing and delivering:

  • Excellence in people
  • Innovative processes
  • Expert knowledge
  • Trusted Smart Services

Our values


Committed to the provision of accurate statistical information based on the transparency of data sources, the degree of accuracy, and standards.


Committed to maintaining the secrecy of real and nominal individuals and preventing leakage to any party, irrespective of the excuse.

Customer Care

Committed to providing smart services to our users, to meet their needs in a timely fashion, and to act transparently and non-discriminately with all our users.


Achieving equality for all customers to access and view our statistical data.