Company Consultation

Company consultation is what every new or soon to be open company would require. Do you need a feasibility study for your business? Are you looking for someone who can provide you with all kinds of necessary information for establishing a new company in Dubai? Or someone who can help you with all kinds of Government related services required for the establishment of a company? We are providing those services. Check out our list below:

  • Business Administration Typing Services
  • Government Consultation Services
  • Residency Work Permit
  • Ejari Tenancy Consultation
  • Ejari Contract
  • Ejari Tenancy Registration
  • Translation Services
  • Free zone Visa Services
  • Visa transfer typing services
  • Residence Visa consultation
  • Family Visa Sponsorship
  • Transcription and typing services
  • Municipality Services

Our efficient team can work for you as per your needs. For all kinds of support & inquiries please call us on +971 (04) 2505554 or email to today.